Waterproof Women’s Glove Review – Rev’IT Pegasus

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Even in San Diego – land of perpetual summer – the weather is starting to get a little chilly (for us – when it’s not 100 degree Santa Ana conditions). While we won’t see rain for a few more months, those of you in other climates are probably thinking about how to keep your hands warm and dry while on the bike in a rainstorm.

A few weeks before we headed out on our Grand Canyon adventure I made an order from Revzilla for a fresh pair of gauntlet gloves because mine were near death. I settled on a pair of the Rev’IT Pegasus H20 Women’s gloves ($103.99 as of this review) and I’m glad I did.

Typically, I don’t like a lined glove. I have (apparently) great circulation so I can ride down to about 55 degrees in unlined gauntlets before my hands start to bother me. On a bike with heated grips (like my 2017 Triumph T-120), I can go even colder without issue. I’ve tried to get lined winter gloves before and I just get irritated by the bulk.

Since the Rev’ITs are lined, they’re thicker than I’m used to and require a little more effort to grip the bars with or move my hands around on the controls.  But boy are they warm! Even with warmer-than-average hands and a mild climate I can appreciate having roasty-toasty fingers on a brisk morning.

The touchscreen connection pad on the index finger is practically a standard on new gloves, but I always have mixed results with them. These are no different. Because of the lining and the seams, it’s hard to know where exactly you’re tapping and I just got frustrated. But if you’re just hitting IGNORE on a call or SKIP on a song, they get the job done.

Touchscreen pad

The gauntlet is a little narrow for my Roland Sands leather, especially as compared to the pair of AlpineStars race gauntlets the Rev’ITs replaced. It is a little tricky to get them over the ends of my sleeves, but once I do they stay on and fit snugly.

Now, for the waterproof part of the review! I rode from El Centro to San Diego in pouring rain and these gloves didn’t even get DAMP inside. Well – actually – I can’t speak for the left glove because I accidentally grabbed one of my husband’s waterproof gloves instead of the left one. But the right glove was amazing in the cold, wet storm. My hand was warm and dry the whole time. (In case you were wondering, his Rev’It waterproof glove was also totally dry inside. However, since it’s not a true gauntlet it did let wind up my sleeve.)

The mens version – it’s too big!

Katie is somewhat obsessed with dogs and motorcycles - she has 3 of each. She rides a 2017 Triumph T-120 most days, and has a 1972 Triumph T-120 and a 1975 Honda CB360 to keep her busy on the weekends. She also has a deep love for vintage vans, mostly her 1967 Dodge A100.

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